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Gate Automation

Gate automation/ electric gates is a great way to add safety for children and pets and also some security to your home or business. It will also add some extra to your home and some insurance companies give a discount on home insurance for homes and business with electric gates .

At B&D Gates And Railings we provide a variety of gate automation options to suit both your gates and your budget.

All gates including wrought iron gates/ driveway gates / side gates / sliding gates / timber gates / single gates and double gates can be automated . B&D Gates work closely with all our customers to make sure they get a quality product and service at a price to match their budget.


An underground system for electric gates is arguably the most popular system . It is easy on the eye and also very durable. But at times it may not suit the home or business due to maybe tight openings or inclined driveways and wet or bog land . B&D Gates provide a free on site inspection and quotation and will give all necessary advice and information required to make sure you get the right product for your home or business.


The Arc arm overhead system is a great alternative when the underground system cannot be or is not practical to use. Although it is more visual than the underground system its slim and robust design gives it a great look and also a very durable option .

So if you are in the market for electric / automated gates either for your wrought iron gates / driveway gates / entrance gates / timber gates/ side gates or sliding gates why not give B&D Gates And Railings a call on 0866012396 / 0906490520 for a free no obligation quotation .

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